IT521 Week 11

Topic: Instructional Technology Ethics and Digital Citizenship

  • Yeaman, Eastmond, Napper (2008) in Januszewski & Molenda Ch. 11--Skim most, Read 283-290 (stop at Historical Background) and 295-299 (Start at Code of Ethics section and stop at Reconceptualization)
  • Text: Smaldino, Donaldson, Herring, (2011) in Reiser & Dempsey (Eds) Ch. 35

The goal of this week is for all participants is to become with familiar ethical and professional issues related to instructional/educational technology. Then identify how your understanding of ethics and professional conduct in the field will shape your future actions as members in the field.


  • Next week is Participant Work Week there is no official class meeting. Our next course activity/meeting is for Week 12.

Due: Your posts are due 10/25 at 11:59pm and your team report is due 10/28at 11:59pm.

Note, the team report is due one day later than our usual commenting deadline.

Analyzing Ethical Issues as a Team:In your Peer Rotation B teams, work together and analyze the following cases:
Peer 1
New York Times Article on Nude Photos of Jennifer Lawrence and Perez Hilton Apology
Peer 2
Workplace Bullying about Case Kevin Morrissey

After all of you read the news articles individually engage in a problem solving activity share ideas related to the following questions by the initial post due date:

  1. Who engaged in the questionable behavior?
  2. What were the goals of the person who engaged in the questionable behavior?
  3. What tools (can be technology-based or not) were used to support the questionable behavior?
  4. What ethical principles, law, and/or code of conduct was broken by the questionable behavior?
  5. Who were the community members affected by the questionable behavior?
  6. If the questionable behavior was shared among multiple individuals what roles did they each take?
  7. What was the outcome of the questionable behavior?
  8. What were the ethical dilemmas presented in the situation?

By the response due date, each peer group has to provide a discussion thread that provides:

  1. Brief overview of the situation assigned to your group following the questions 1 through 8 that guided your group to treat the situation as a problem solving activity; and
  2. Description of how your group would respond to the situation.
Discussion on professional conduct: Based on what you read this week in readings and the previous asynchronous activity, what does professional conduct mean to you now? What are your responsibilities at work/ future work as a professional? How can you contribute to ensure that your organization, school, or unit engages in designated services in a professionally responsible manner?

Post comments to your assigned peers
Note, you are welcomed to provide comments to participants other than your assigned peers.

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