IT521 Week 12

Topic: What have you learned so far about Instructional Technology as a Profession?


The goal of this week is for all participants to closely review the portfolio assignment, share their revision plan to their professional statement, and share your initial portfolio artifact entry plans.


  • Usability Testing of a Web Authoring Tool is due 11/11 at 11:59pm using the Blackboard Assignment Feature
  • Additionally share your report to the class on the designated Blackboard Discussion Forum with the title: Week 13 Submit your Usability Testing of a Web Authoring Tool Team Report

Peer Rotation C

Due: Your post is due 11/8 at 11:59pm and your comments to other participants are due 11/10 at 11:59pm.
  1. Discussion on Professional Statement Updates: Review the professional statement you prepared for class.What revisions will you make to it prior to including it in your Portfolio Prototype? As you plan your Portfolio Prototype Assignment discuss what changes if any you found in your understanding of the field, your future role in the field, and what types of jobs you may be interested.

  2. Discussion on choosing appropriate portfolio artifacts: Review all subsections of the IT Online Portfolio listed at, then discuss one artifact you find would be appropriate to include in one of the following sections Theoretical knowledge in the field, Learning environments design, Collaborative leader in the field, Ethical practice, and Assessment and evaluation. Draft your artifact description, rationale for artifact entry, and alignment to career goals and standards.

  3. Post comments to your assigned peers
    • Note, you are welcomed to provide comments to participants other than your assigned peers.

Synchronous Activities During Class Hours on Blackboard Collaborate

Discussion Material


  1. Logistical check in
  2. Breakout Room Discussions (Activity Description)
  3. Whole Class Discussions



    1.    Individual check in with instructor as needed and individual work time for class.

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