IT521 Week 4

Topic: Instructional/Educational Technology as a Profession and Professional Associations

  • Text: Reiser (2011) in Reiser & Dempsey (Eds) Ch. 26
  • Text: Gabriielli & Branson (2011) in Reiser & Dempsey (Eds) Ch. 27
  • Text: Klein, Rushby, & Su (2011) Reiser & Dempsey (Eds) Ch. 28

The goals of this session are for you to gain an understanding of (a) how you are going to place yourself as a practitioner or a researcher within the context of the definition of our field, (b) find an ideal job and identify how to become an ideal candidate, and (c) identify what are  standards and competencies of professionals in our field. The readings and discussions you engage in will help you prepare your Definition Concept Map and Professional Statement assignment.

Class will facilitated Asynchronously, no Synchronous Meeting

Your Asynchronous post is due 9/6 at 11:59pm and your comments to other participants are due 9/8 at 11:59pm.

  1. Professional association scavenger hunt and discussion
    • Choose 3 of the following professional association websites that you are unfamiliar. Then examine each site carefully and find the information that are relevant for completing the Professional Associations Matrix after your scavenger hunt. Post your matrix as an attachment to the designated discussion forum.
    • Read assigned readings for this week, then review one of the following competencies:
  2. Professional competencies analysis and discussion
  3. Ideal job search and discussion
    • Search for an ideal job that you are interested in applying in the future. You can rely on one of the above professional association websites, find your own job database, or go to the additional following sites:
    • For the purpose of this task, you can choose a job posting that has already expired.
    • Post the URL to the job description in the designated discussion board and comment on why it is an ideal job for you, how the job fits into instructional/educational technology, and skill sets you need to develop to become a competitive job candidate.
  4. Planning your Interview a Professional in the Field Assignment
    • Examine the IT 521 Interview a Professional in the Field Guide and Rubric, then think about the following questions and share with your peers:
      • What type of organization does the person you are considering to interview work in and what is that person’s role in the organization?
      • Why do you think this person may be a good match to the goals of the assignment, and your goals in this class?
      • How will you go about securing an appointment with this person?
      • What kind of questions would you ask the person?
    • If you already know a person, do not exchange his/her real name. If you currently have more than one person in mind, that is fine, just share information about the people who you are considering to interview. Remember that this assignment is intended to give you a chance to learn more about how instructional/educational technology is implemented in specific educational/industry settings.
  5. Post Comments to peers

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